OnePurpose School is preparing students in the Bayview, Hunters Point, Mission, Potrero Hill, Visitacion Valley, and Excelsior to go to, and graduate from, college. We are creating an exceptional, free, public charter school that provides an innovative education to SF’s highest-poverty neighborhoods, an essential step to breaking the cycle of poverty.

"I’ve known OP’s CEO for more than a decade, visited the schools he has co-founded, and visited OP. OP will break the mold for education of low-income children of color.” Kyle Miller, former Senior Program Officer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, current Senior Program Officer, ECMC Foundation

OP is the 10th charter school its leaders have co-founded that serve low-income students of color. Their students passed California’s High School Exit Exam at the same rate as students at “good” suburban public schools. Their first-generation college students went to college at 375% of the national average.

“I think we are looking at here a school [OnePurpose School] that has an amazing group of people coming together to do good work for young people. They have tremendous experience, tremendous success in other schools in other locations.” California State Board of Education Member Bruce Holaday